Covid-19 and Kids With Attachment Disorder

Covid-19 and Kids With Attachment Disorder

Covid-19 and Kids with attachment disorder must be quite a combination in this time of self-distancing.  I’m not entirely sure where this post is going because this issue is very complex, but I’ll do my best.  It’s kind of like the whole self-distancing rule and the current state of our world. None of us know where that is going either.  And there aren’t many answers.

So perhaps the best way to go is to figure out how to help the families living with this situation. There are many jokes about there about families adjusting to homeschooling, etc. and the difficulties.  But for those of you parents living with Covid-19 and kids with attachment disorder, I need to ask “What can I do to help?” Perhaps you know better than I.  I can answer from my perspective as a therapist who understands the behaviors of these children and their goals.  And perhaps because I’m not living in the situation, I can be more objective.  I am offering teletherapy as always and it might be more valuable today than ever.

Why Use Teletherapy
Teletherapy is Available, due to distance or scheduling.

Covid-19 and Kids with Attachment Disorder

When I write this, please remember that I am not talking about children who do not have attachment disorder.  The issues that arise from that will be totally different during this time, and the issues of parents with these kids will still have struggles, but theirs will be different and I am not addressing them here.  If you live with attachment disorder in your household, you know the issues I’m talking about.  Manipulation, abusive behavior, lying, stealing, fighting, to name a few. So imagine having to battle that behavior for at least a month 24/7.  /

Covid-19 and kids with attachment disorder

What can families do when dealing with this covid-19 time? 

Tag team is important if possible, different caregivers taking responsibility and switching it up. Most important to be on the same page at this time, even if you don’t understand what’s going on.  Support the other caregiver.                                   Take time outside for yourself and also for the child with attachment disorder, separate from you.                                             They can be given chores outside.  You can even incorporate outdoor activities with school learning. 

We Can Help You!

You can also have someone else stay with child even though you may not want to because child cannot be trusted.  During this time, I see survival of the parent as primary.  In that case, you might have to break some of your rules i.e. let them play with a tablet, or let them watch a movie.                                                                                                                                    At this time, remember you need to survive first.  So is it more important for you to get a break and let them play on tablet, or is it more important to maintain rule of no electronics during this self-distancing time.                                                                If going to grandma’s means they come home obnoxious, but you can get a break, you have to weigh the consequences.  What if you got the weekend off? Not my decision – it’s one you have to make for you. 

The caretaker that receives the most abuse from the child is the one who needs to be nurtured so she/he is able to take care of the child.  Or able to make the best decisions.   

HELP Is Available.

During this crazy time of covid-19,  I am offering teletherapy services for parents and for children, and for educational purposes.  Please feel free to take advantage of this service during this time.  I use zoom and would be as simple as me sending you a link to your phone or email. You then click on the link.  Payment is best through paypal or google payment.   Call 815-398-8422 or email me at  I will keep an eye on things closely so I can be available.  I am also self-distancing so I LOTS of time right now.