Attachment Disorder in Children

The Attachment Disorder Dilemma

Attachment Disorder In Children

Hi – just a quick comment to let you know I’m out here, trying to offer support when I can.  The news has brought news of relevance to parents of children with RAD – as I lovingly term them, CWAD.  Attachment disorder in children continues to be a very difficult, relently mental health issue.  Anyway, I had a mom say to me after the awful Newtown news, that she could relate to being the mother of that young man that was so “sick.”  I realize that is true.  It was awful to believe that someone has that capacity to commit such a crime,  but some of you parents – P-CWAD – have seen those moments in your children. 

My intention is a therapist is to provide a great deal of direction to the parents.  I work with information in how to provide a great deal of love, consistency, and structure for the child.  I also let the child know I understand and care about them, but I support the parents (if I believe they are safe, reliable parents) and our goal is to unite them all as a family.  Again, attachment disorder in children often gets referred to me because they have been through a great deal of trouble as a family and have found me as a last resort – someone who has this specialty, this diagnosis, etc.  

The second news segment that just happened is about Russia banning adoptions to the US.  As another person said, that’s probably good news for some of the parents, because sometimes the children from Russia have many, many issues.  But there are those children that provide a great deal of joy.  And there are parents who are currently waiting for some of those children but now must suffer the loss of never adopting those children.  We will never know how it would have gone. 

Attachment Disorder in Children (ongoing)                                             

But I am sure some of this news has hit you in a sensitive place and you feel some impact.  Give yourself to feel some grief over these incidents.  PCWAD have many reasons to feel grief over the loss of expectations and other losses in adopting a CWAD. Check out this article in the Daily Mom about the crisis of attachment disorder in children.  

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