The Attachment Group

Why attachment therapy,not traditional therapy?

Traditional therapy is based on a totally different paradigm – developing relationships, empowering client –

AD therapy is about client trusting others, especially their parents,

giving up control,and finding they still survive.

What is Attachment Disorder?

Very briefly, Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is a condition found in children who may have received grossly negligent care and do not form a healthy emotional attachment with their primary caregivers — usually their mothers — before age 5. 

More information will be available in my blog, videos, facebook fanpage, etc.  

Welcome to The Attachment Group – Chris Appell, LCPC

Chris is therapist who has worked with children and families for many years in many different arenas.

Personal and Professional Experiences:    

 *Child Development Degree :  Western Illinois

*Preschool Teacher

*Single Mother of 3 children

*Master’s and Educational Specialist  from Northern Illinois University

* Therapist

* Specialized Foster Care Supervisor and Clinical Director for 10 years

* Private Practice

* School Counseling Certification for Illinois

*School Counselor for 10 years

*Substitute Teacher and Substitute Counselor in Public Schools

* Trainer and Consultant for Issues around Attachment Disorder

*Continued Private Practice for 20 years full-time to part-time.

*Specialized Training in Attachment Therapy and Trauma-Based Therapy.



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